Oklahoma prepared to save the country from liberals' secret Sharia agenda

Protecting The Country From Liberal Mullahs

by digby

Contessa Brewer just interviewed an Oklahoma Senator named Rex Duncan about his bill to outlaw judges using Sharia Law to inform their decisions. No, it's not a joke:

Duncan:Oklahoman's recognize that America was founded on Judeo Christian principles and we're unapologetically grateful that God has blessed America and blessed our state. State amendment 755, the Save Our State Amendment is a simple effort to insure our courts are not used to undermine those founding principles and turn Oklahoma into something our founding fathers and our great grandparents wouldn't recognize.

Brewer: Do you believe that there's imminent danger of judges using Sharia law when deciding cases?

Duncan: It's not just a danger, it's a reality. Every day, liberals and uh, just ...

Brewer: Ok, and the reality has it happened in your state of Oklahoma that judges have...

Duncan: it has not. This is a pre-emptive strike to make sure that liberal judges don't take the bench in an effort to use their position to undermine those founding principles that are international or Sharia law. the other part of the question is to prohibit all state courts from considering international or Sharia law when considering cases, even cases of first impression.

Brewer: I'm sorry, but Mr Duncan, less than 1% of your state is Muslim. So where would that threat come from?

Duncan: It's a growing threat frankly. This again is a pre-emptive strike. They understand that this is a war for the survival of America, it's a cultural war it's a social war. It's a war for the survival of our country. And other states have looked away and kow towed to political correctness, have lost the chance perhaps to save their state. I believe Oklahoma voters at a margin greater than 90% will approve this state amendment and when we do, other red states and maybe even some lesser blue states will decide their states are worth saving too.

Brewer: Are you worried about other kinds of religious fundamentalism creeping into the decisions judges make when it really should be based on secular law?

Duncan: It ought to be based on federal and state law, and any effort to do anything else --- it's frankly the face of the enemy and we need to call it what it is. Oklahomans are going to do that and they're going to show other states what it looks like to take a leadership role in saving their own future and saving the sanctity of their own court system.

I would imagine they will vote for it. Somebody's got to stop all those liberal judges from imposing ultra-conservative Sharia Law and stoning gays and women who stray from God's path. Oh wait...what are we talking about again?

I've always loved this particular piece of conservative lunacy but it hasn't been much in evidence recently what with the sacred-constitution-except-for-the-bits-I-don't-like fetish of the teabaggers. But it's always out there. It's just an article of faith (no pun intended) that liberals are simultaneously godless libertines and allies of hard core fundamentalist wingnuts.

Meanwhile, it's the conservatives in this country who, like the Taliban, argue that trying seven year olds as adults is moral. Go figure.