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Solidarity Through Bigotry

by digby

I'm hard on journalists, but sometimes a reporter writes something sublime and it deserves to be complimented. This article appeared in the Denver Post about that that racist oddball Steve King coming to Denver for a 9-12 teabag rally after having been uninvited to two others. You just have to love the juxtoposition of the last two sentences:

King said he felt it was important to come to Colorado.

"I've been through all kinds of controversy, and I always have to ask myself, 'Did I say something that wasn't founded in truth?' No. 'Did I say something that hurt someone's feelings?' I don't think so."

King said Obama has misinformed the public about Arizona's law.

King said that under only one circumstance does he support amnesty for illegal immigrants: "Every time we give amnesty for an illegal alien, we deport a liberal."

Nancy Rumsfelt, who started the Loveland 9-12 group and organized the event, said the goal of the movement is to unite America the way it was immediately following the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Brilliant. Hats off to Bianca David of the Denver Post.