What Huckleberry Wants, Huckleberry Gets. And he wants offshore drilling.

What He Wants

by digby

Huckleberry Graham explains that he can't support climate and energy legislation as long as the oil spill makes it impossible to pass legislation that will cause more catastrophically destructive oil spills. After all, it's often difficult to get people to agree to drink poison while they are still lying in a toxic pool of vomit:

The South Carolina senator candidly said the ongoing Gulf oil spill precludes him from rejoining any such negotiation for months.

"I will work with the president, Democrats and Republicans to come up with an energy policy, but I'm not going to it in the middle of an oil spill when the political environment doesn't favor what I want," he told WVOC radio in South Carolina. "I'm not going to do it between now and November when the oil spill dominates the politics and headlines."

But just as soon as they get this little Gulf problem mopped up, he'll be right back in there playing his very special role as chief backstabbing phony of the GOP.

I really, really hope that people understand now that Graham's lugubrious paeans to moderation notwithstanding, he is a harcore partisan piece of work who isn't trying to "cut deals" or form consensus. He wants offshore drilling, period. That's what he's always wanted. He just said it right out loud.