Your Daily Crazy -- What's Rand Paul Up To Now?

Your Daily Crazy --- What's Rand Up To Now?

by digby

Barefoot and Progressive went to a Christian Homeschool Educators of Kentucky conference where Rand Paul was featured and took questions. (This group's objective is to "protect children from mental physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by secular humanists in a socialist society or governmental system," btw.)

Anyway, all the allegedly rational libertarians throughout the land must be thrilled to see their standard bearer pass on a question about how old the earth is, among other things:

In answering the question about immigration, you'll notice that he didn't set forth his brilliant plan to put a super-duper, Dr Evilelectrified underground fence along the border. He did quote Milton Friedman saying that you can't have open borders and a welfare state --- which he describes as schools and hospitals. I didn't actually realize that schools and hospitals were considered welfare state institutions, but evidently public education and laws that require hospitals to treat the sick are tantamount to welfare as we know it (or socialism.) The Christian Homeschoolers agree, I'm sure, thus finally explaining the otherwise inexplicable alliance between the social conservatives and the libertarians.

Be sure to click through for a fascinating look at some of the materials from the "CHEK" conference.