Andrew Alexander --- The Wingnuts Most Useful Idiot

The Hitmen's Ombudsmen

by digby

Joan Walsh thoroughly destroys this absolutely shocking piece of journalism by Washington Post ombudsman Andrew Alexander in which she properly characterizes him as "chiding his paper for ignoring [the Black Panther story] while valiant journalists like Fox's Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh fought to bring light to the darkness."

If you have ever questioned the fact that the Village media is living in an alternate universe Alexander's piece will disabuse you of it. It seems the Post failed miserably by failing to cover the alleged Obama administration cover-up of its BFFs in the New Black Panther Party's voter intimidation scheme. The fact that it is as bogus as the last hysterical racist rightwing scandal, ACORN, seems to be irrelevant. What matters is that the papers show proper deference to rightwing hitmen, regardless of the substance of the charges.

This is going to be a huge battle.

Be sure to read Joan's piece. It's devastating and coming from a professional journalist and editor should be cause for serious discussion among those who care about journalism.