Grayson punches back

"I Punch Back"

by digby

A man who routinely defends the party of Michelle Bachman has the nerve to call Alan Grayson a "caricature" of a congressman.(I know, if it weren't so sadly pathetic it would be hilarious.) But it's taking it a little bit far to offer money for someone to punch him in the face.

Prominent conservative media critic Dan Gainor has offered $100 to the first member of Congress who punches "smary [sic] idiot" Alan Grayson (D-Fl.) in the nose, reports Media Matters. When fellow conservative Jim Geraghty responded (via Twitter) that Gainor should offer that $100 to Grayon's opponent instead of "financ[ing] violence," Gainor tweeted that he was joking, although he would "love to see the video.

Grayson responded to the threat:

"I think he's overlooking something important: I punch back."

That's exactly why they hate him so much.