Rehabbing Junior

Rehabbing Junior

by digby

Connectivity problems solved, and I'm back. Is this this on?

It's been quite a day at the Netroots Nation what with me being late for my first panel and then spending about three straight hours discussing deficits first and then abortion politics among some very smart people. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be back to our regular programming.

Meanwhile, it looks like we are already well into the Bush Legacy Project. According to Krugman, they are wasting no time in rehabilitating Junior. That isn't the worst part. It's the reason:

Republicans aren’t trying to rescue George W. Bush’s reputation for sentimental reasons; they’re trying to clear the way for a return to Bush policies. And this carries a message for anyone hoping that the next time Republicans are in power, they’ll behave differently. If you believe that they’ve learned something — say, about fiscal prudence or the importance of effective regulation — you’re kidding yourself.

Unfortunately quite a few people might actually convince themselves that things were really great under Junior when we all "pulled together" (under the threat of being called a traitor by every crackpot with a Bush decal on their car.) And for the base, those really were the good old days --- bloodlust, Jesus and hating on liberals. I'm fairly sure it's nostalgia for those heady times that's driving the Ground Zero mosque business.

Whether anyone but Bush dead-enders can be persuaded remains to be seen, but I'm very sure the Republicans are happy to try. And hey --- Jebbie's waiting in the wings.