You're out of excuses Mr Breitbart

You're out of excuses Mr. Breitbart

by digby

If only the cowardly mainstream media would simply do what Slate did. The analyzed what breitbart said and compared it to reality:

First Breitbart and his acolytes falsely accused Sherrod of discriminating against whites as a federal employee, despite having no evidence for this charge in the original video excerpt. Strike one.

Then they misrepresented Sherrod's story as an embrace of racism, when in fact she was repudiating racism. They later pleaded ignorance of this fact because they didn't have the full video. Strike two.

Now, with the full video in hand and posted on their Web site, they're lying about the reaction of the NAACP audience.

The excuses are all used up, Mr. Breitbart.

This isn't hard. Breitbart is a liar. And, as they do in this article, it's easily provable. And yet, the media continue to do the he said/she said with him allowing him to claim that what he clearly did isn't clearly what he did.

That means that he is even more formidable than he was before and a clear asset to the right wing noise machine. After all, he managed to hijack the national media for a week and that's pure gold for their cause.