Birdie! --- Ed Schultz is "fired up" about the Beat Boehner campaign


by digby

Ed Schultz was very excited about our Boehner campaign yesterday and opened his show with a long segment on the subject. He's absolutely right about John Boehner being the poster boy for the out of touch Republicans who are offering up nothing but non-sequitors as the answer to our problems.

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(You'll notice that Ed said to send him a email if you want to see the ad every day on his show. You can do that here.)

However, as Sam Stein at HuffPo noted yesterday:

The ad is not some cheeky effort for additional media recognition. It will be airing in Butler County on CNN, MSNBC, Fox (though not the Glenn Beck program) and Comedy Central and will be bolstered by a fundraising drive to keep it on air.

If you like to help us keep the pressure on, you can donate to help us keep the ad on the air here.