Blue America contest --- Pick Your Poisonous Republican

Pick Your Poisonous Republican

by digby

The response to Blue America's latest ad has been so terrific that we've decided to keep going through the election, targeting the Republicans Blue America most loves to hate. But we want you to help us pick which ones to give our very special kind of love to first.

To begin with we thought we'd offer up five choices --- 4 House incumbents-- Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Ken Calvert (R-CA), Virginia Foxx (R-NC), and Steve King (R-IA)-- plus one open seat challenger, ex- GOP hitman and Karl Rove's special DOJ houseboy, disgraced U.S. Attorney, Tim Griffin.

Here's how you vote:

Just make a donation on the page dedicated to the culprit of your choice. If you click on the picture below (not the link, which will take you to a post or site explaining why they are on this page in the first place) you go directly to their Blue America donation page. Because we're progressives and not conservatives, a one dollar donation equals the same single vote as a one hundred dollar donation. Now, one of the great aspects of this is that each one of these exceptionally bad Republicans has an exceptionally good Democrat running for the seat. Believe me, that isn't easy to find. I mean, Republican John Boozman in Arkansas, for example, is just terrible but his Democratic opponent, Blanche Lincoln, is just as bad. We won't be offering any Hobbesian choices like that. In Arkansas, to stick with that state as the example, the woman running against Griffin is state Senate Majority Leader and proven progressive Joyce Elliott.
So, we're happy to announce that all of the money raised through this little contest will be used to help voters understand that there's a difference between the Republican and the Democrat running for the seat that gets the most votes. Who do you think is the worst of the worst?

Michele Bachmann:


Ken Calvert:


Virginia Foxx:


Tim Griffin:


Steve King:


Click on the picture to vote. Every vote counts the same no matter what the amount.

Oh, and it appears that our billboard, which is going up tomorrow, has gotten under Boehner's skin already