GOP having it both ways -- crazies go wild, while strategists tut-tut for the media

Having It Both Ways

by digby

All afternoon I've been listening to reporter after reporter reassure the audience that Republican strategists are very upset about all this Muslim trash talk and that they really just wish everyone could get back to an elevated discussion of the economy.

That's very convenient, don't you think? Their lunatics are out there fanning the flames of racism and xenophobia for the neanderthal base, while they tut-tut on TV about civility. I think they are quite happy to have it both ways. Right now they are dominating the news cycle with this ugly nonsense, which is all they care about.

August hissy fits usually fade once they've done their job, which is gin up the GOP base with red meat politics (swiftboats, death panels, Ground Zero Mosque) and turn the Democrats into pretzels, making them look like they don't know their assess from their elbows. Once that's done, they'll go back to demonizing the Democrats for their socialist/fascist ways having made sure their weakness and ineffectuality were fully displayed to normal people who can't figure out how these lunatics came to be running the asylum. Again.