Heir Head --- Quayle lays an egg

Heir Head

by digby

It looks like Sarah Palin has some competition for most arrogant dimwit in the Republican party. And he comes from very noble, dimwit stock:

Meanwhile, back on planet earth:

"Since the beginning (DirtyScottsdale.com) three years ago, I have gotten the same question from the DIRTY ARMY from all over the world: 'Who is Brock from the Dirty Celeb Brock's Chick?'" he wrote, referring to a recurring feature on the site. "I have kept it a secret until right now... the mystery man is Ben Quayle aka Brock Landers, the son of Vice President Dan Quayle. If you are a DIRTY ARMY Republican, vote for Ben Quayle because he was one of the original creators of DirtyScottsdale.com which evolved into TheDirty.com."

That came after the braintrust tried to pass offtwo unrelated kids his two nieces as his own.

So often the successive generations in political dynasties are pale imitations of the original patriarch. In Quayle's case that would make him so dim he's nearly in a state of suspended animation. If that creepy ad is any indication, that's pretty much the case.