Past Lives Reincarnated

by tristero

The New York Times this Sunday had a long article about a creepy trend: shrinks who believe in past lives. I was gonna write something about it but Jerry Coyne saved me the trouble.

Keeping an open mind is not the same as wasting time over stupidities. No, 75% of the oil BP spewed into the Gulf did not magically disappear. No, Rand Paul's libertarianism is neither workable nor desirable. And no, you never were Queen Elizabeth I unless. of course, you were Queen Elizabeth I, in which case you would be in no condition to be reading this.

Trust me on this: People have not had past lives, never have, never will. That is a fact. How do I know? Simple. I consulted the I Ching, and its answer was unequivocal... well, as unequivocal as the I Ching gets. And yes, all you doubters, I didn't just toss the coins, I threw the yarrow sticks which everyone knows gives a far more accurate reading.

Sheesh! What an untrusting, narrow-minded bunch.