Tristero: Used Bridge For Sale! Cheap!

Used Bridge For Sale! Cheap!

by tristero

The Pentagon was not behind the Assange accusations. How could anyone be so paranoid as to suspect they were?

It is crazy to speculate that Monsanto might be purchasing civil disobedience in Italy in order to plant Frankencorn. The farmer in this article is simply a humble idealist who believes in the freedom to do whatever he wants on his land. The fact that he name-checked Ron Paul means nothing. Every Italian farmer has heard of him: Ron Paul's the most famous living American, after all.

And only the most unserious people question reports that most of the oil from the BP catastrophe in the Gulf has been dispersed and will not harm anyone or anything.

Ooops, okay, that last one may not be so crazy to doubt. But don't blame me, if industry funded scientists tell me that poof! magically, 75% of the oil from the biggest drilling accident on record disappeared overnight, who am I to say no? Complicated statistics like that always confuse me. Math class is tough!

Regardless, there's no reason not to trust the other stories. These are facts, people:

Assange/Wikileaks was absolutely not the victim of a dirty Pentagon trick. And Monsanto did nothing, not even indirectly, to fuel that Italian farmer's innocent passion for their lousy, crummy-tasting, heirloom-wrecking corn.

Remember: Trust the authorities. What They say is authoritative.

Except maybe sometimes, when they lie with impunity through their fucking teeth and dare anyone to prove it.