When psycho Pamela Geller becomes mainstream something has gone terribly wrong

The Mainstreaming Of Crazy Just Went Nuclear

by digby

"We have a President who is literally paving the way for an Islamic state in America" Atlas Shrugs VLOG July 2009

This Salon chronology of the Cordoba House controversy shows that it really is a one woman freakshow, led by none of the than Pamela "Atlas Shrugs" Geller. I went back in my archives to find the first time I became aware of her, and it turns out it was in 2005. Here was what I posted:

I see we have a wingnut blogger on the scene who goes by the name of "Atlas" (for Atlas Shrugged, natch.) She posts on Jackson's Junction. She's much more thoughtful than the e-mailer above, plus she posts a glamor shot of herself with each entry (that you can click for higher res!) Here's a taste:

War Must be Declared on those Against us

Pamela aka Atlas says BASTA! Enough hand holding, appeasing, talking "their"talk..........

THE BUSH DOCTRINE................either you're with us or against us

I say, first Declare War on Syria with our Coalition (Brits, Japanese, Baltic Nations, Israel, Australia) with a tactical approach to moving into Iran. The young people Of Iran (75% of the population) will rise and fight with us.
You can't say she isn't consistent.

And she's always had friends in high places. My favorite Atlas moment was her up close and personal interview in 2006 with neocon fruitcake John Bolton when he was the UN Ambassador:

What I most admire about John Bolton is his steely demeanor and moral clarity. His spectacular fortitude in the face of scoundrels, liars, and internationally sanctioned criminals never fails to surprise and delight me. What was completely unexpected was the other side of Bolton. He was funny, thoughtful, deliberate. I really enjoyed the chat.

Atlas: If I could I'd like to talk about you. [he is looking at me askance, laughing here] What formed you..........what is your favorite book?

JB: That's a good question actually. I'd say one of the things that made a big impression on me was Edmund Burke's book Reflections on the Revolution in France and I've read a lot of John Locke and that had a big impact on me and Ayn Rand.

Atlas: You're just saying that to make me feel better........

JB: No it's true.

Atlas: Growing up, were you one of many?

JB: No, I had one sister, nine years younger.

Atlas: So you were the oldest. Your parents were tough? Encouraging? Non approving?

Trying to figure out where you developed that spine of yours........I find that quality rare. There's a lot of it in that administration.

JB: My father was a firefighter in the city of Baltimore, my mother was a housewife.

Atlas: YAY, the great American story.


JB: Oh its do-able, under the right circumstances. I'm not so naive that I would be doing it if I didn't think there was a chance which makes it in some senses more frustrating. You can see sometimes how close you can get and yet you can't finish a particular thing. Like Iran, I've been working on this for three and a half years

Atlas: And you'll be working on it for three and half more.

JOB: I hope not, I hope not because now that it's in the Security Council, now is the time to say this is their chance that either they give up their pursuit of nuclear weapons or we go to what the President said, we do something else.

Atlas: We do something else? That's a little vague, don't you think? Deliberately vague?

JB: Yeah, sure absolutely. The President said I never take options off the table. And you've got to be that way. Look this has happened to me enough times before .... if I said, well -- I'll give you an example......after the invasion of Iraq, after Saddam was overthrown I said something in a BBC interview like I hope the governments of Syria and Iran take notice of what's just happened and I got into enormous trouble for that because it sounded like I was threatening the invasion of Iran and Syria.

Atlas: yeah but you get in enormous trouble for waking up in the morning

JB: Well that's true too.

to be continued

More to come guys, but right now I am going to take a break, head downstairs, meet up with some AIPAC folks, and have me a glass of pinot noir............I've had it. Long day. But great.

The interview continues with Pamela cooing some more about Big John's manly, macho manhood between asides about vaporizing Iran and nuclear holocaust. It's very hot.

But there is nothing more indicative of Atlas's unique contribution to political discourse than this Youtube of her bikini clad self in in the surf talking her special brand of politics on a vacation to Israel. It think it captures the real her. (And you can't deny that she has a slammin' bod.)

But there are so many "Vlogs" to choose from, that it's a shame to pick just one. This one pledging her troth to Sarah Palin is filled with notable quotes, like the one featured at the beginning of this post:

"Sarah Palin is not a full of shitnick" should be her 2012 campaign slogan.