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by digby

"The people who own the country ought to govern it" John Jay

According to the polls, a majority of the American people are in favor of letting the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire. Obviously, the Republicans are not in favor of this. But Greg Sargent reports that increasing numbers of Democrats are coming out against it too.

I think that may be the saddest comment on Democratic Party failure yet, even including the advancement of the Cheney torture regime. Not because it's worse morally, but because the opportunity to educate people and obtain their support for progressive economics was practically laid at their feet and they whiffed.

But then, big Democratic donors don't want their taxes raised either, I suppose.

I'll just quote this excellent post by Kevin Drum again (click the link for the data points that back up his conclusion) and move on:

If your income is low — and probably a fair number of the 56% who want Bush's tax cuts for the rich repealed are low-income voters — politicians simply don't care. If you're middle class they care a little more. But if you're rich, then they really, really care. And it's safe to say that most high earners are opposed to repealing tax cuts on high earners. That goes for all Republicans and a growing number of Democrats too. So what seems like a no-brainer isn't as simple as it looks. Economically it makes sense to repeal Bush's tax cuts for the rich, and a majority of American citizens are in favor of it. Unfortunately for them, they belong to the wrong majority. They're not rich themselves, and increasingly in America, that means their votes just don't count.