Get job at a Galt's Gulch Starbucks and STFU

Just Get A Job At A Galt's Gulch Starbucks And STFU

by digby

I just love it when young, well paid elites tell older middle class workers who have spent 30 years building a career that they should have planned better for finding themselves unemployable in their 50s. I especially love it when they tell them to go get a job at Starbucks if they have a hard time finding a new job --- so they don't get "depressed" and prove to their spouse that they aren't just being lazy fucks. That 10% unemployment rate is no impediment to gainful employment for 57 year-olds who have never served a fucking latte in their lives... they're handing em out to anyone who asks. (Personally, I think they should just move to Galt's Gulch and do necessary parasite jobs that serve our productive 1%, like garbage collector and dominatrix.)

My only solace is that they too will one day be in their 50s (if they're lucky) and I will be fervently hoping that this happens to them and they will be able to go through this character building experience for themselves. If they're lucky they won't have to listen to people who know absolutely nothing about what it's like to be in that position, the economic pressures, the psychological pain, the fear that they are going to lose everything they have as spoiled twits drawl on about how it's their own fault for failing to better prepare and now they just have to accept that they need to work for peanuts serving frappucinos to snotty yuppies. We'll see how "helpful" they find this advice.