Kooks Got The Mojo Rising

Kooks Got The Mojo Rising

by digby

Where do they find these people? First we hear of the latest Brietbart/O'Keefe stunt to lure a reporter on to a boat and film her among dildos and dirty magazines in a supposed attempt to embarrass her. (Sounds more like a blackmail set-up to me.)

And then there's this creepy guy:
“For nearly six months, Andrew Shirvell, an assistant attorney general for the state of Michigan, has waged an internet campaign against” Chris Armstrong, who is the openly gay student assembly president at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

Shirvell maintains a blog called Chris Armstrong Watch where he regularly berates Shirvell and complains about what he calls the “homosexual lifestyle.” The blog even features mocked up graphics Shirvell has created of Armstrong, including one where the assistant attorney general has written “racist elitist liar” on a picture of Armstrong’s face. Additionally, the assistant AG has even demonstrated outside Shirvell’s home and allegedly stalked him on Facebook.

This guy's an assistant Attorney General?

Oh, and just as Breitbart and O'Keefe claimed to not have a racist bone in their bodies when they trafficked in cartoonish African America stereotypes, this fine fellow told Anderson Cooper that he doesn't have any hate in his body at all:

COOPER: Do you consider yourself a bigot?

SHIRVELL: Absolutely not. I’m a Christian citizen exercising my first amendment rights. I have no problem with the fact that Chris is homosexual, I have a problem that he’s advancing a very radical agenda.

COOPER: I bring up the bigot question because Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines bigot as a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her prejudices…labeling a student a Nazi, picketing his house, it seems to make you appear intolerant at the very least. It seems you hate this guy because he’s gay.

SHIRVELL: Well, Anderson, that’s your spin on it. The real bigot here is Chris Armstrong. I don’t have any hate in my body at all.

Of course not.

But seriously, these kooks are seemingly everywhere and are getting kookier by the day. My fear is that this is one of those frogs in slowly heating water things and everybody's just getting used to it until it seems normal.