Shhh. Don't tell the rubes what we plan until we get through this "political moment."

We Just Have To Get Through This Political Moment

by digby

So Paul Ryan is concerned that if people find out what it is her really proposes to do with social security that people might not want to vote for Republicans. Did I say this guy's intelligence was overrated? He's smart enough to figure that out:

During an appearance at the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Ryan criticized Democrats for “the political weaponization” of Social Security, and asked candidates on the campaign trail to please stop bringing up Republican plans to gut entitlements. Politico reported:

“We’ve got to get through this political moment. The political weaponization of entitlement reform is very unfortunate. It’s hurting our chances of actually getting bipartisan agreement in the near future. It’s unfortunate but we’ve got to get out there.” Though he called for candidates to stop talking about entitlement reform on the campaign trail, Ryan also cast his Roadmap in a soft light to deflect criticism that it will hurt seniors. He reminded the audience that his plan doesn’t affect those over 55.

Of course, Ryan’s plan would radically alter Social Security, to the detriment of the program, which is something that needs to be talked about. Remember, under the Roadmap, Social Security would be privatized through the creation of personal investment accounts and benefits for future retirees would be cut, all without setting the program on a path for solvency.

I'm fairly sure he was counting on the Democrats staying mum because they made it very clear for the past two years that they are anxious to "reform" SS in order to prove to right wingers that they are Very Serious People. And I'm sure that a lot of them are going to rush to join that faction if the Dems lose their majority. This is why Ryan just wants people to get through this "political moment," meaning the election. He's counting on the usual Democratic retreat.