This one could make the difference --- The Million Masturbator March

Million Masturbator March

by digby

I know there's a lot of controversy about Stewart and Colbert's dueling marches on October 30th and the more serious One American march on October 2nd, but I think this is the one that isn't just another finger wagging cry for attention, that will truly make people stand up and take notice:

Carrying signs reading, “O’Donnell: Hands Off Our Masturbation,” the angry masturbators clogged downtown Wilmington, stopping traffic for blocks.

Harley Farger, a leading Delaware masturbator and planner of the Million Masturbators March, said it was difficult to organize masturbators “because they’re used to acting alone.”

Mr. Farger, the executive director of the pro-monkey-spanking group MasturNation, said that the “wank and file” of his organization believe that masturbation is an inalienable right guaranteed by the Constitution.

“Our country was founded by rugged individualists,” he said. “And you know what individualists like to do.”

He said that Ms. O’Donnell’s anti-whacking position was “ill-timed,” adding, “In this economy, masturbation is one of the few simple pleasures people still can afford.”

Be sure to click the link (if you know what I mean) and check out Howie's awesome "choke the monkey" video of the song "Firing the Surgeon General."