The Dog That Didn't Bark

by tristero

Interesting: An entire article about how teabaggers deny climate change. The reporter does a pretty good job of tracing the amount of oil and energy industry money that's being used to fund the fake grass roots advocacy groups. But there's one dog that doesn't bark throughout the entire article.

That's right, you guessed it, give yourself a kewpie doll! Despite the fact that the question of whether climate change exists is a scientific issue by definition, not a single scientist was given an opportunity to weigh in. There wasn't a single allusion to the simple facts that, according to all reputable experts, climate change is unequivocally real and is driven today by human mass consumption of fossil fuels, among other things.

Facts don't matter to the 'baggers. When it comes to science at least, they don't matter to the Times, either, if it's a right wing cause celebre. This is exactly, exactly what happened before the Kitzmiller decision, when creationist con men - some with rap sheets as long as your arm - were given front page Times treatment to opine on how Darwin was wrong - with nary a peep reported from anyone honest and/or grounded in consensual reality.