Don't worry your pretty little heads about this foreclosure mess

Don't Worry Your Pretty Little Heads About This Foreclosure Mess

by digby

Senior Editor CNBC:

I never thought I’d find myself typing those words. I’ve been a huge critic of Bank of America for years. I'm bearish on the financial supermarket model. I don't think the acquisition of Merrill Lynch is working out. I still don't understand the logic of buying Countrywide.

But Bank of America's recent decline—down almost 10% this week—is driven by fears that the bank could be hit with huge liabilities for faulty mortgage pools. And I’m pretty sure that is not going to happen.

Why not?

Because the politicians will not let the financial stability of the largest bank in the nation be threatened by contractual rights. Not when there’s an easy fix available that won’t cost taxpayers a dime.

Here’s what is going to happen: Congress will pass a law called something like “The Financial Modernization and Stability Act of 2010” that will retroactively grant mortgage pools the rights in the underlying mortgages that people are worried about. All the screwed up paperwork, lost notes, unassigned security interests will be forgiven by a legislative act.

He sounds very sure of himself.

Anybody want to take the other side of that bet?