Extremism For Dummies

Extremism For Dummies

by digby

Rick Perlstein, Richard Kim and Rebecca Traister talk about the Tea Party with Laura Flanders:

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They discuss the obvious fact that the right is predictably batshit insane and the Democrats are predictably lame in response. And so it goes.

But Rebecca Traistor made the observation that despite the all the right wing political power, much of their anger and vitriol stems from liberal successes -- civil rights particularly. This is true. And it occurred to me it could explain the jarring and bizarre responses in this recent poll asking which party is more extremist. (I won't ruin it for you. But you might want to have a stiff shot of Tequila handy before you read it.) If that's not it, I'm afraid we are so far down the rabbit hole there's no going back.