Welcome to our world John Boehner --- how do you like these teabaggers now?

Slap In The Face

by digby

I kept hearing yesterday from all the Village pundits that the Republicans under great centrist statesman John Boehner were going to moderate after the election because they know they have to govern. (And anyway all this election unpleasantness doesn't mean they aren't the grown-ups anymore because they totally are.)

Well, if this is any indication of how it's going to go, I wouldn't place any bets on it:

Republican Rich Iott, the controversial Congressional candidate who has drawn fire for donning a German Waffen SS uniform, refused on Saturday to say whether he would support Minority Leader John Boehner for Speaker should the GOP win control of the House on Tuesday.

Iott's comments were made moments after Boehner spoke to a group of Republican volunteers at the Lucas County Republican Party headquarters in downtown Toledo.

"I don't know, we'll have to wait and see," Iott told Roll Call when asked if Boehner would have his support for the top House job if Republicans successfully win the majority in the House.

Iott, a tea party favorite, did not say who he would support instead of Boehner.

Boehner has received heavy criticism for his continued support for Iott after the photos of the Republican candidate in the SS uniform surfaced on the Atlantic.

Here you have a Nazi sympathizer running for congress. The probable future speaker of the House endures a huge amount of criticism for agreeing to appear with him, but does it for the good of the ball team anyway (and probably because he has no personal problem with Nazis.) And for his trouble he gets slapped in the face almost immediately by the guy he's supposed to be helping.

Welcome to our world John Boehner. How do you like these Teabaggers now?