Guess who's trashing the place now?

Guess Who's Trashing The Place Now?

by digby

David Broder wakes up from his nap and discovers that Republicans aren't behaving like the grown-ups he expected:

Whether it is tax rates or nuclear arms, Republicans are being assertive about their views and challenging Democrats to step up to the fight. Not one sign has appeared so far of any willingness to compromise...

All this signals that they are feeling their oats and will be hard to deal with.

What seems to have rally startled him is the fact that they aren't listening to the likes of James Baker, Brent Scowcroft and Henry Kissinger on the START Treaty. He comments with a barely disguised sneer:

But those three, representing the Republican foreign policy establishment of the past two administrations, are being countermanded by Jon Kyl, the senator from Arizona who is No. 2 to McConnell in the Senate.

A lot of old Washington hands haven't yet truly understood the significance of the Tea Party takeover of the GOP. But they're about to. However much the Republicans parrot terms like "adult conversation" like a bunch of mindless Myna birds, it won't change the fact that the Party is no longer a nice staid hierarchical organization run by staid old men. It's been obvious to outside observers for quite some years that the "conservative" party has become a radical force in American politics, but the beltway still suffered under the illusion that "grown-ups" ran the show. They haven't for quite some time, but with the Tea Party it's right out in the open.

In case you were wondering the allegedly serious George Will has proven once again that with very few exceptions, he's just a standard issue right wing whore. He "has great respect for Kyl" and doesn't think anyone is staying awake at night worrying about those silly old nukes. And by the way, there's nothing wrong with destroying the country in order to save it.