Krugman asks a dumb question

Krugman Asks A Dumb Question

by digby

What do they want?

If there’s one piece of conventional pundit wisdom that annoys me most, it’s the constant refrain that Obama was wrong to pursue health care, that he should have focused on the economy instead.

For the question people saying this never answer is, what would that focus have consisted of?

Yes, Democrats would be in better shape if the economy were in better shape. Duh.

So when you say Obama should have focused more, what policies are you talking about? A bigger stimulus? As far as I can tell, almost no pundits are saying that. So what other concrete policies do they have in mind? I have never gotten an answer.

I'm surprised at the good professor. Of course they have offered concrete policies: cut taxes and roll back regulations. Oh, and balance the budget. If we would just do that the invisible hand will magically restore our economy and we will all be rich, I tell you, rich! (Except for the lazy good-for-nothing you know whats, who deserve to starve cuz they're not hard workers like us.)

Oh, and the other concrete policy is to do everything in their power to ensure that Obama is a one term president.

What's the problem?