Reflexive hippie bashing for a thousand Alex

Reflexive Hippie Bashing For A Thousand

by digby

The MSM are going to make a big deal out of Jack Conway's Aqua Buddha ad and Alan Grayson being generally rude and aggressive as reason for their losing their races, but they will be reflexively hippie punching and wrong on the facts. (In fact, they are already doing it.)

Regarding Grayson,well we have a little controlled experiment. His neighboring first term Democratic congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas, in a very similar district, took the opposite approach to Grayson. She ran as hard to the right as she could get away with, never had a controversial thought much less uttered one, was rewarded with big money and support from the DCCC --- and she lost too. This race was bigger than both of them. Florida is turning hard right.

At least Grayson went down fighting for something instead of being a sell-out to the lowest common denominator. I'll always be grateful for what he said and did these past two years. The country should thank him too --- the Fed audit wouldn't have happened and I'm not sure they wouldn't have been able to keep the foreclosure fraud cover-up going a lot longer than they did without his intervention. We will miss him.

As far as the notorious Aqua Buddha goes, Conway was strong armed by the DSCC into running that ad because --- as usual --- they believed that all politicians have to run to the right no matter what the circumstances and they thought Paul was soft with social conservatives. If the ad backfired, you can thank the "professional" hacks not the dirty hippies, for insisting that it was a good idea for Conway to pretend to be something that he isn't. It never works.

The good news, such as it is, is that the wingnuts expectations have been so elevated that anything short of a monster blowout across the board is going to be a disappointment. And so far it doesn't look like they'll get that. Of course the fact that Obama is still in the White House when a large number of them seem to think they were voting against him today is bound to be confusing and upsetting anyway. But then, that's their natural state.

Onward to the Patron Silver and waiting to see if Harry and pot pull it out here in the west. You can't win them all, but you can win some.