Still dreaming of a codpiece

Still Dreaming of a Codpiece

by digby

Behold the literary genius of Dana Loesch, "editor" of Andrew Breitbart's Big Journalism.

I love how his face seemingly peeks out from the black-and-white news columns of the day to defiantly whisper: “PSSST. HEY. Still heeeeere.” His existence may have been obscured by the hubris surrounding the current administration, an increase in terrorist attacks, a movement born partly because of several Bush policies, and an election; the sudden appearance of Bush across all the networks and on the front and cover pages reminds us that even though he isn’t the sort of GOPer grassroots adore, he was infinitely better than the man currently in the White House, a man who bows to anything with a pulse.

The excerpts from his book give insight into the process leading up to the decisions what the rest of the world would see and whether you agreed with him or not (I’ve long been on record abhorring NCLB; also the prescription drug act was neither “compassionate” or “conservative,” and neither was TARP) the man would make a decision and stick with it. Mainly though, I love how fist-in-the-air defiant he is in the book.

That's like totally deep.

I didn't highlight that just to show the writing skills of the right wing new media, although that's entertaining. What this illustrates is the fact that these so-called Tea Partiers are just typical blood thirsty wingnuts. When bush passed NCLB, there was no grassroots outcry. When he passed the prescription drug benefit, ther was no grassroots outcry. TARP produced some push back, but remember that by that time Bush was a popular as e coli and it was hardly fashionable to be one of his slavering fangirls.

They loved that guy. And it had to do with this which Loesch bizarrely says are "layman's terms":


“Damn right.”

That he prevented another 9/11?

“My most meaningful accomplishment.”

On Cheney?

“The more I thought about it, the more strongly I felt Dick should stay. I hadn’t picked him to be a political asset; I had chosen him to help me do the job. That was exactly what he had done.” Mr. Bush wrote that he trusted Mr. Cheney, valued his steadiness and considered him a good friend. So, “at one of our lunches a few weeks later, I asked Dick to stay and he agreed.”

Defiance on steroids. Balls! Refreshing change from a President who wants to meet sans preconditions with tiny fist-shaking dudes plagued with short-man syndrome.

They do love a codpiece, don't they?

I can't prove it, but I would bet money that the very people who now decry deficits and spending and say they were horrified by Bush's domestic policies are the same 30% who stuck with him to the end. What they loved about him was his crudeness and cruelty and --- more than anything --- that he inspired such loathing from liberals. It's the in-your-face defiance that they admire, the eagerness to be politically incorrect, the exclusion from the process of those whom they see as not fully "American." It's a defining characteristic of the right. Domination, exclusion, and eliminationism are what animates their thinking, not deficits, taxes or the constitution.

h/t to @ericboehlert