Activism, 21st century style

Activism 21st century style

by digby

Ken at Down With Tyranny writes:

The above clip of a 15-year-old British student fighting back is getting a lot of attention, and understandably so. I should add that it's attracting a certain amount of backlash from people who dismiss him as a snotty young elitist, calling police "stupid." It's an accusation that seems to me made by people who are too lazy and/or senseless to watch what's before their eyes. The speaker is talking about police who, at least in his view, are serving as mindlessly thuggish, violent enforcers of an authoritarian regime.

It helps that the U.S. is a country now in the throes of a hatred for knowledge, education, and the pursuit of understanding of the world around us, amounting to a worship of ignorance and imbecility, all of which handsomely serves the economic interests of the people who increasingly own us, or at least act as if they do.

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