GOP standing Firm on DADT -- a freebie for the haters

A Freebie For The Haters

by digby

Greg Sargent seems a bit surprised that no Republicans have grabbed the DOD lifeline they were offered today to end DADT "for the good of the military." I think that in normal times they would have done it, but moderates are running scared of the Tea Party and contrary to popular myth, most of the Tea people care more about persecuting gays than they do about populism. This is a freebie for a party that is going to have to toe the line for the corporations down the road and needs to build up some credit with the rubes. If you listen to Talk Radio it's not hard to figure out where the party is coming from on this. It's a non-stop gay bash.

It's possible that the Dems will still be able to find a couple who will do it, but I don't think it's going to be anyone that's coming up for reelection soon or anyone who has a strong Tea Party presence in their state. This is some red meat they can give to their haters and I don't think they want to miss that opportunity.