Ownership Society

Ownership Society

by digby

Krugman took on the "revisionist historians" who insist that the only reason for the housing crash was those horrible poor people who had no business buying houses in the first place and never would have done so if it hadn't been for a bunch of bleeding heart liberals forcing Banks to loan to them.

I've got yer history for yah right here. Here's one of those bleeding heart liberals at the 2004 Republican Convention:
Another priority for a new term is to build an ownership society, because ownership brings security and dignity and independence.

Thanks to our policies, home ownership in America is at an all- time high.


Tonight we set a new goal: 7 million more affordlable homes in the next 10 years, so more American families will be able to open the door and say, "Welcome to my home."

Just keep that in mind when you get it into your head that the right wingers have abandoned racism. It's all very well and good when things are booming. But when things go wrong ... well let's just say they haven't abandoned scapegoatism.

h/t to RP