Scanning The Evil Day Care Scammers

Scanning The Day Care Scammers

by digby

Madison, WI:

The Legislature's Joint Finance Committee unanimously approved spending $1 million to install fingerprint scanners in child care facilities as a means of stemming fraud in the Wisconsin Shares subsidy program.

Children or their guardians would need to scan their fingers when they arrive at and leave child care facilities, a move that is meant to give the state assurance that it is paying only for children who actually attend day care.

Isn't it time that we talked about just bar-coding people? Seriously, the police state will not function properly if everyone's buying different equipment. It would just be a little bar-code on your wrist (like a cool tattoo!) that could be scanned to find out if you are a terrorist or have a medical problem or forgot to pay your phone bill back in 2007. A nice centralized computer could track your preferences and even handle your money so that you could finally get rid of all those cards.

Most importantly it would keep those undeserving, unqualified kiddies out of day care and put them back in the streets where they belong.

h/t to pastordan