I want my Al Jazeera

I Want My Al Jazeera

by digby

If you are trying to follow the story this week-end on CNN and Fox you will have noticed that the anchors they've called in couldn't find Egypt on a map. Or worse. Raw Story caught this one:

CNBC contributor Erin Burnett said Friday that oil prices would skyrocket if countries in the Middle East broke out from under the rule of brutal dictators.

Appearing on a Friday broadcast of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Burnett said that the ongoing revolution in Egypt could threaten US interests in the region due to Egypt's history as an ally on matters pertaining to Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

She added that as one of the most developed economies in the Middle East, it was surprising to see many of the society's wealthiest individuals supporting regime change. Tens of thousands of protesters across the country have taken to the streets the last few days, demanding President Mubarak resign.

"One more thing," Burnett remarked. "If this spreads, the United States could take a huge hit because democracy in a place like Saudi Arabia, you've talked about who might come in power, what that means for oil prices. They're going to go stratospheric."

"There's no doubt about it,' MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said. "No doubt about it!"

You'll find quite a bit of "gas price" scaremongering all over the place, usually among the anchors,not the analysts.

Unfortunately, most of the nation is not allowed to see Al Jazeera English television because our corporate overlords are convinced that it will be used to brainwash us into joining Al Qaeda or something. (Since every network now has at least three channels on my system, I doubt it's a matter of money or availability.)

Anyway, you've noticed that there is often news from the middle east. And by all accounts Al Jazeera is the best at providing it. It's a legitimate news organization and it should be available to the American people. Not all of us are children. Not even the Republicans. (I'm kidding ... civility, civility.)

If you think it's nuts that you can't watch Al Jazeera on your cable system, check out their site to see how to email your cable provider.

Meanwhile, you can watch it online, here.