Leading indicators: why the future may not be winnable

Leading Indicators

by digby

This is the modern Republican Party in a (spud) nutshell:

No one should have to explain that the "Sputnik Moment" is in reference to the United States entering the space race and winning it, not the Soviets winning it and ending up spending and losing ... oh, whatever idiotic gibberish it is she said. And no one should have to explain that the founders did not work tirelessly to end slavery, much less "filled the trees and clogged through the land." But this is what we've come to.

It's very hard to see this country "winning the future" with leadership like this. Indeed, the fact that they are considered national leaders at all indicates that we've already lost it.

I'm beginning to think this is a strategy to discredit women in politics.

Update: Oh No. Right wing Watch says this is real.

My favorite thing is that they seem to have used an African American voice and have staged it in what appears to be an urban back alley. If this is in fact real, which is hard to believe, you almost have to love their clumsy cluelessness.