Tea Party Priorities

Tea Party Priorities

by digby

In case you were wondering what the Tea Party is up to in the new year, here's Judson Phillips of the Tea Party Nation:
Two years ago, the Tea Party movement exploded onto the political scene. It was like nothing modern politics had seen.

From coast to coast, rallies were held. These were not small rallies but rallies with thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of people attending.

A funny thing happened as 2009 ended, the rallies faded away. 2009 was the year of the rally. 2010 became the year of the election. Tea Party groups from across the country threw themselves into the electoral process.

The results were amazing.

But now, 2011 has come and the question is now, what is the Tea Party to do in 2011?

In 2011, there are no Federal elections. Three states will elect governors, four will vote on their legislatures and three will hold judicial elections.

Across the country, Tea Party groups are going to need to do a couple of things. First, we need to take over our local Republican Parties. Many county Republican parties have reorganizational conventions in 2011. These conventions are events where the officers of the county party are elected. In most places, it is a simple vote. Those who show up get to vote. In other words, an organized Tea Party group can get in and take over the GOP.

At Tea Party Nation, we have encouraged Tea Party activists to get involved in the local GOP for one very good reason. This is a two party system, whether we like it or not. There are only two parties and the socialists have absolute control over the other party. By taking over local parties, we can help promote Tea Party candidates at the local level. Conservatism begins at home and it may be good that we sweep liberals out of Washington, but it is something of a pyrrhic victory if we win Washington, yet lose at the state and local level.

The other thing taking over the local party will mean is the creation of a Tea Party farm team. The conservative who is going to win a congressional race five years from now is the conservative we are going to elect to the state legislature this year. RINOs continue to get elected because RINOs in many areas still control the party apparatus.

The second thing that must be a Tea Party priority is stopping voter fraud. Liberal hero and man voted most likely to be an ACLU board member, Joseph Stalin, once said, “it’s not who votes that counts, it is who counts the votes.”

In this past election, the left made a concerted effort at voter fraud. This fraud effected elections. Now, in many areas, for a conservative to win, not only do they have to have a majority, they have to have a fraud proof majority.

At Tea Party Nation we have received a lot of information about what happened and will be making some of the news public in the next few weeks. What is very disturbing was a pattern of “test marketing” certain types of fraud. Certain types of voter fraud that we saw in limited amounts in 2010, we will see across the country in 2012.

The Tea Party movement must united across the country and work to eliminate voter fraud. In some states it will be easy. In socialist states like California or corrupt, I mean Democrat controlled states, like Illinois, it will be very tough. If we are going to win, we must. If we do not eliminate liberal voter fraud, our votes won’t matter because they will not be counted.

Stopping voter fraud is going to be a major project for Tea Party Nation this year.

In Texas, there is a group that is doing an outstanding job of fighting voter fraud. The group is called True the Vote. What they do can be taken and duplicated in almost any state or locality. On January 15th, they are going to have a conference in Houston, TX. They are going to talk about what they did and how you can work in your community to prevent voter fraud. The cost is $50. If want more information, visit their website, Kingstreetpatriots.org.

Stopping voter fraud must be a top priority for us this year. The left knows it cannot win free and fair elections. They can only win by cheating. We must stop them now or Chicago style elections will become the norm for the United States. We must stop this fraud, while we still can.

I think this explains why Issa is ostentatiously announcing that he's actually going forward with ACORN and New Black Panther investigations.

Far be in from me to suggest that this might have some sort of racial component. That would be very wrong because we know that Tea Partiers have absolutely no racial motivations. But it is worthwhile to recall that the conservative movement's obsession with "Voter Fraud" has always been about race. If they can get the Tea partiers to do this dirty work, all the better. (And it will keep them occupied so the plutocrats can continue to loot the treasury.)