Tristero --- Not shocking at all

Not Shocking At All

by tristero

Apparently, some folks are genuinely shocked that a Supreme Court justice could so profoundly misread the crystal clear words of the Constitution. I don't see why. Scalia doesn't understand the Declaration of Independence either.

I realize that this flies in the face of widely held conventional wisdom but I can't escape the conclusion that when it comes to understanding the founding documents of the United States, Scalia is a mediocre intellect. If that.

On the other hand, if we were to agree that this man really is as brilliant as Everyone says. then that can only mean that Scalia is deliberately misreading these documents to make them say the very opposite of what Jefferson, et al, clearly wrote. Furthermore, it can only mean that a justice of the Supreme Court is, for reasons we can only guess at, consciously adopting a distinctly un-American, if not blatantly anti-American, bias both to his judiicial philosophy and to his rulings. In other words, to believe that Scalia really is smart enough to understand the founding documents, and therefore deliberately misread them, is to believe that he is an activist, a reactionary, and a royalist openly seeking the destruction of this country.

And I certainly wouldn't want to think that was possible of anyone with such authority or power.