Fergawdsake: Breitbart's in Madison


by digby

Andrew Breitbart, speaking from the Tea Party counter-protest in support of Governor Scott Walker in Madison, Wisconsin, told National Review Online that Obama's support for the state worker demonstrations in Wisconsin is "deeply un-American":

Breitbart led a large rally this afternoon at the state capital. The large turnout, he tells us, sends a strong signal to politicians interested in taking on the public-sector unions. "This is a message that is being sent around the country to other governors that the tea party is going to have their back," he says. "This is a message that we are sending, and Wisconsin is sending, to Ohio, to California, to all the governors out there that are about to make hard decisions."

Turning to the White House, Breitbart calls President Obama's involvement in union activism "deeply un-American."

"What you have is the president of the United States organizing anarchists, public-sector unions in order to intimidate Americans," he says.

I was going to ask what this bozo has to do to lose credibility and then I remembered Glenn Beck.

It's awfully important that the good guys win this one. It's simply not possible for this country to be prosperous and have a decent future if hucksters like Beck, Breitbart and Palin actually manage to do the Big Money Boyz's dirty work and completely destroy liberal institutions.

Here's a list of solidarity events happening around the country next week. It would be helpful if they get big numbers.