Limbaugh's lying calorie counter

Limbaugh's Lying Calorie Counter

by digby

Following up on glass McMansion owner Rush Limbaugh hypocritically calling Michelle Obama fat, it turns out that he's lying as usual:
A restaurant owner in Colorado is calling for a calorie recount after conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh slammed First Lady Michelle Obama for a reported après ski pig out over the weekend.

The portly host called out Obama on his radio show Monday after it was reported she dined on 1,500 calorie-per-serving short ribs at the restaurant Kelly Liken in Vail, where the First Lady and her daughters were on a ski trip.

But the ancho chili short ribs were actually more like 600 calories, the owner, Kelly Liken, told the Vail Daily on Monday.

"A proper 5-ounce portion of protein is what nutritionists say we should have," she said, adding that braising usually cooks most of the fat off the meat.

Liken also pointed out that the dish came with a side of sautéed local kale, which was grown by students at a nearby elementary school.

"Kale is one of nature's super foods," she told the Daily. "There are more nutrients in the 3 ounces of kale we serve than you'll get in a massive green salad."

Plus, Obama and the girls may have earned a little splurge after spending the day carving up the slopes, which can burn thousands of calories.

A report about the meal was first published in the newspaper on Sunday. Along with the short ribs, which came with kale and hominy wild mushrooms, Obama also ate a pickled pumpkin salad with arugula.

The paper didn't publish a calorie count, but that didn't stop Limbaugh from going on the attack.

The lying jackass made it sound as though she'd eaten a full rack of sugary, greasy pork ribs at Tony Romas, not braised short ribs, ferchristsake. And, it turns out that the restaurant is involved in a schoolyard garden project so Limbaugh's entire thesis that she's a hypocrite is total bullshit too.

But I'm sure his racist, sexist listeners got a big old belly laugh out of it. There's nothing like dishonestly disparaging a black woman to make their day.