Well that worked out well: Gray Davis looks good today

Well that worked out well

by digby

Who could have ever predicted?

-In 2003 Californians recalled Gray Davis and elected Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now they say oops. 42% of voters in the state say that Davis was the superior Governor to only 32% who remain in Schwarzenegger's camp. Democrats, at 56%, are a lot more sold on Davis having better than Republicans, at 48%, are on Schwarzenegger. Beyond that independents go for Davis by a 40/33 margin as well. It would be hard to claim that Davis is a popular figure at this point- but he's certainly not as disliked as Schwarzenegger and his 25/65 favorability rating is.

It was always such a good idea to recall a duly elected governor and install a cartoon character in his place. How could anyone have ever known that it wouldn't go well?