Wolfowitz rolls around in the gutter. Again.

Wolfowitz rolls around in the gutter. Again.

by digby

Disgraced neocon Paul Wolfowitz appeared on CNN's Zakaria show this morning and showed once again why he is a criminal weasel of epic proportions:

ZAKARIA: But you were - you were in high levels of government, so you understand the - the pressures people are dealing with. Could it be that one of concerns is that if the United States keeps calling for the ouster of - of these - of presidents, of prime ministers, that countries like Saudi Arabia will get rattled and say, wait a minute, we - you know, is the United States going to sit here and try to unseat all the - all the monarchies in the Middle East?

WOLFOWITZ: I don't think that's a legitimate reason to stand by a man who's slaughtering his own people. And I have a lot of criticisms to make of the Saudis, but I don't believe they're capable of this sort of butchery. And if we -

You know, we'd be in a much better position to say, look, with all it's faults, Saudi Arabia doesn't treat its - its subjects as trash. It doesn't kill them, brutalize them and threaten to take them back to the Stone Age. So let's put Saudi Arabia in one category.

We'd be in a much better position to do that if we were clear about Gadhafi.

Can you believe the gall of this man? First of all, he is in no position to criticize any other administration ever for botching foreign policy. it's amazing to me that he's even allowed in the country much less on television opining about democracy and freedom. Second, he's actually defending Saudi Arabia because it doesn't treat its citizens like trash, which I suppose is true if you don't count the 50% of them who are women. But who cares about them?

But Wolfowitz conveniently ignores his own administration's recent rehabilitation of the butcher for PR (and oil revenue) purposes:

ZAKARIA: You were in the administration that have - that normalized relations with Libya. It is the Bush administration that brought him in from the cold - from the cold. Were you opposed to that decision?

Excellent question, don't you think, since they paraded Qadaffi around like he was a conquering hero at the time as evidence that their bellicose posturing and illegal invading was making all the depots tremble in fear. Not to mention the fact that they took him off the terror watch list so that their oil buddies could turn on the spigot.

Here's what the spineless creep replied:

WOLFOWITZ: Look, I think we needed to give some acknowledgement to the fact that he handed over his nuclear weapons program. But it was an illegal program, and I thought we were giving him a lot by in effect saying you wouldn't suffer the fate of Saddam Hussein. I don't think we had to go nearly as far as we went.

There was a lot of pressure from Pan-Am 103 families because they wanted to collect the money that Gadhafi was offered. I -

ZAKARIA: Do you think that's really -

WOLFOWITZ: At one point, I believed - well, I was being told that the pressure was - I believe it was significant. I can't prove it. The United States went ahead and restored full diplomatic relations and had the Secretary of State visit.

I think we have should have drawn more of a line. Some move was appropriate. I think we went too far, and I think the Obama administration continued that

What an asshole. He blames the PanAm 103 families for the Bush administration paying back their oil field buddies and using Qadaffi as the poster boy for the success of the Bush Doctrine. Because they wanted they were greedy!.

Licking his comb was actually the least offensive thing he's ever done.