White male panic

White Male Panic

by digby

I've come to the conclusion that the only reason that CNN hired Erick Erickson is because Pat Buchanan wasn't available:

ROMANS: But Erick, don't you think --- this is a little bit different. Because we have a history that's tortured and painful in this country that makes, even today when you start talking about a white-male only scholarship it makes people kind of cringe. Because there was a time when white men frankly ruled this country and had all of the access, and the reason why we have all of these --


ERICKSON: Absolutely. But they don't anymore. You can justify that, for example, a scholarship for African-Americans, given the history of this country. But can you for Asians or Hispanics or for women? Now we've reached the point in Texas, at least, where the white men are no longer the majority in Texas.

I suppose it's progress that he admits that there has historically been discrimination against African Americans. Haley Barbour would have us believe that Jim Crow wasn't "all that bad.")But evidently he looks around him and sees a world in which Hispanics, Asians and females are in positions of social and professional dominance. That may, in fact, be true on camera at CNN. But if you look at the power structure behind it and every other corporation, university, government agency and elected body, I think he can feel safe in assuming that the white male isn't in any immediate danger of having his power usurped.