Don't Make Us Work Until We Die

Don't Make Us Work Until We Die

by digby

I can't help but be reminded of this post from a couple of years ago:

CNN's week-end "money" show did a story on how the recession is affecting people in California. They interviewed an 84 year old waitress. That's right, an 84 year old waitress:

Professor Michael Shires: Right now it comes down to fear...

Thelma Guttierez: Fear for people like Mildred Copeland, who's 84 and still waiting tables after 34 years.

Shires: Unlike the recession in the early 90s that was driven by the collapse in aerospace, employees from all sectors of the economy feel like they're at risk of losing their jobs.

Guttierez: Already tens of thousands have lost their jobs this year. In February, unemployment in California reached 10.5 percent and going up.

Shires: most of the projections get us up somehwere around 12 percent between now and this time next year.

Guttierez: That translates to loss of nearly a million jobs in the golden state, according to economic forecasts.

84 year old Mildred Copeland (video) : Would you like hash browns or home fries?

Guttierez: Bad news for Mildred. She's eager to hold on to her job.

Mildred: You get to a time in your life where you say well, I can sit back and relax a little bit and not have to worry, but it's not like that.

Read on for the rest of the story.

Evidently, this is the new fate for many more of the elderly. Between raising the retirement age, skimping on the benefits, wage stagnation and economic wipe-outs like the Great Recession, young and old alike will be competing for all those low paying jobs. But since three and four generations will all have to live under the same roof, perhaps they can come up with some sort of job share concept so that they can work in shifts and someone will be at home to take care of the children. As long as it doesn't inconvenience the employer, of course.

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