Sad little winky

by digby

Markos' Saturday hatemailapalooza features what may be the best wingnut email I've ever read. And the thing is, the guy isn't crazy. He's just really stupid.

This excerpt is just ... wow:
to leave you with a thought provoking meataphor, kos: women are known to have more powerful orgasms than men. GUESS WHO PROVOKES MEN TO ORGASM? liberal gays. GUESS WHO PROVOKES WOMEN TO ORGASM? conservative straights. you can suck dick, but i'm gonna eat out my wife's cunt, KOS. you can eat that fucking jizz, but the POWERFUL CONSERVATIVES can bring a WOMAN TO LOSE CONTROL OF HER BODY.

ponder upon that, and THINK before you disarm.


I have never gotten one quite that colorful, but I can attest to the fact that these general themes are constant among the wingnut emailers. When they send them to a woman, it's usually about how we fat, hairy, smelly feminazis need to be gang raped to understand just how much we are missing, but you get the drift. One could jump to the conclusion that they have some very serious psychological issues, but that would be giving them too much credit for complexity. They are just morons. Really.