Shutting down the baby Tea Partiers

Shutting Them Down

by digby

Oh my goodness. These baby Tea party legislators haven't been well prepared for this sort of thing. I'm not sure they even knew that people disagreed with them before:

CONSTITUENT 1: [The GOP budget ] is a significant tax cut for the wealthy.

CRAWFORD: A 10 percent tax cut?

CONSTITUENT 2: Wouldn’t that be class warfare against the poor people?

CRAWFORD: Well, you’re asking me if I want to continue taxing at a higher rate the people that are creating jobs and no –

CONSTITUENT 2: They’re not creating jobs, though! They haven’t created any more jobs! … They’re taking them all overseas!

CONSTITUENT 3: Are you taking any more questions?

CRAWFORD: No, we’re done.

CONSTITUENT 3: We’re done?

CRAWFORD: We’re done.

CONSTITUENT 4: During the Bush administration, and the tax cuts, how many jobs were created?

CRAWFORD: I don’t have those numbers.

CONSTITUENT 4: Three million. During the Clinton administration, where he raised taxes on the highest bracket to 39.5, how many jobs were created? 22 million. You’re going to tell me that tax cuts create jobs?!

That's an Arkansas congressman. I'd imagine bringing up Clinton in that crowd has special significance.

I think Democratic candidates could learn something from their constituents about how to debate a Republican.

Update: This is good too:

One attendee asked when the country was going to start trying to “trickle up” instead of following failed “trickle down” policies. Later, a frustrated constituent stood up and told Huizenga that his party has been completely captured by the richest Americans, to applause from the audience:

CONSTITUENT: You [by endorsing the Ryan plan] have done something that I have been unable to do trying to explain to my friends, and all my neighbors, and my relatives, that your party has become of the rich by the rich and for the rich! (applause)