Some people are too toxic to be treated respectfully

Call him out

by digby

I just got this from Color of Change and I think it's worth doing. Breitbart is slowly being mainstreamed despite his history of racism, cons and hoaxes. He is one of the most malignant figures in politics today and Maher needs to be schooled about that.:

We just learned that tonight, Andrew Breitbart — the man behind the take-down of Shirley Sherrod — will appear on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher." Turns out this will be the second time that Maher has had Breitbart on since Breitbart was exposed as a fraud in the Sherrod incident. In the first show, despite Breitbart having recently been shown to be a con-artist, Maher referred to him kindly as a "publisher and journalist" and engaged him as a credible commentator.1

Bill Maher needs to hear from us — if Breitbart is going to appear on his show at all, Maher needs to tell his audience that Breitbart is neither a journalist nor a commentator — that in fact he's a liar, a race-baiter, and a con-artist. Maher needs to know that it's irresponsible for him to give Breitbart a stage without making Breitbart's history and penchant for deception clear.

Can you make a quick phone call to Maher's show? The script below makes it easy (or you can come up with your own).

(323) 575-7702 - Real Time with Bill Maher

I figure you can come up with your own, so I'm not including the script. Maher is a usually a good fellow and his show is often the only place where anyone's truly challenging these wingnuts. But Brietbart is beyond the pale and in his first foray Maher did not seem to know it. (He also features Brietbart's Lieutenant Dana Loesch, who is equally unacceptable, but got usefully challenged in her last appearance.)

If you have the time to register a polite complaint, it might do some good.