There is no Democratic Jesus

There is no Democratic Jesus

by digby

Some liberal religious types had the utter gall to ask "what would Jesus cut" as a way to draw attention to the actual human toll of some of these budget cuts. And the media is all in a tizzy over the "exploitation" of religion. On CNN this morning, Carol Costello used it as her morning question:

MALVEAUX: Jesus and politics. That combination inspiring our own Carol Costello with the "Talk Back Question of the Day."

Carol, what's your question? What have you got for us?


Coming off the holiest day in Christianity, politics is again rearing its ugly head. Take President Obama, who was framing his budget battle with Republicans in moral terms.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Their basic view is that no matter how successful I am, no matter how much I've taken from this country, that somehow I now have no obligation to people who are less fortunate than me


COSTELLO: The progressive "Sojourners" magazine, influential during the health care battle, is even bringing Jesus into the debate. They're asking, "What would Jesus cut?" Saying that increasing military spending should not come at the expense of the poor.

They're sending letters to lawmakers. They're selling bracelets, asking people to follow their conscience.

A panel even discussed the issue on Fox News, with guests saying, the "What would Jesus cut?" campaign is both silly and pure partisanship.


WILLIAM MCGURN, "WALL STREET JOURNAL": I'm still waiting for the passage where Jesus says I am the way, the truth and the light, and the OMB director. OK? This is an effort to portray Republicans as somehow less Christian and actually not to have a moral debate on what spending accomplishes and does not accomplish.


COSTELLO: So, then, is politics really a moral debate? That's what some conservatives have long been saying when it comes to things like abortion and same-sex marriage. This time, the political left is trying to steal a little religious thunder from the political right.

So, the "Talk Back" question today: Is "What would Jesus cut?' appropriate or crass?, and I will read your responses later this hour.

MALVEAUX: I know a lot of people I talk to on both sides who believe that it is a moral issue, what -- you know, who suffers, who actually sacrifices in this time of need.

COSTELLO: Yes. People on both sides may feel that way, but the question today is, should they be using it for political purposes? So it will be interesting to see what people have to say.

Right, there hasn't been any use of religion in politics in recent years. It's just another example of liberals not adhering to the constitution. Haven't they heard of the separation of church and state?

And anyway, it's highly inappropriate to use the prospect of human suffering in a government budget for political purposes.

Meanwhile, the ultra-devout Rush Limbaugh remarked:
The Left "Seek[s] To Co-Opt Jesus Christ As Simply Another Prop In Its March Toward The Decline Of America

Thank goodness the right is above using Jesus as a prop.