"Don't worry honey, we won't touch *your* Medicare" --- Believe 'Em?

Believe 'Em?

by digby

This is some great GOP messaging from strategist John Feehery today on Hardball:

Feehery: This is the same program that was put out by John Breaux and Bill Thomas back in the 1990s. We have to fix Medicare for the long term. Obviously competition has to be involved with it. Obviously what Paul Ryan has said is, "if you're under 55 this is something you might have to deal with, if you're over 55 it's not gonna touch you." That's something that polls very well with seniors. This is a beginning of a conversation. This is a beginning of a conversation and it has to happen.

Matthews; You sound desperate. You're skirting and saying it doesn't matter if you're over 55.

Feehery: That's what the plan says, if you're over 55 it's not going to impact you. And that's an important talking point. All the members of congress that I've talked to when they go back to their constituents over 55 that sells. Now I don't happen to think that's fair. I'm under 55 and if there's going to be reform I think the old guys have to pay as well, but I'm not running for office so ...

There's only one answer for Democratic opponents if the Republicans try this:

"So you believe 'em? If they're willing to screw your kids and grandkids what makes you think they aren't going to screw you too?"