Billy spills the beans: (corporations don't need their tax rates cut after all)

Billy spills the beans

by digby

Via Think Progress, we have Bill Kristol admitting that the corporate tax rate isn't killing America after all:

Republicans are not only looking to cut the corporate tax rate, but they have been pushing to open a permanent tax loophole by switching to what’s known as a “territorial” corporate tax system, which would mean that corporations could permanently park money offshore and never pay taxes on it. The Republicans have also endorsed a misguided push to give corporations a tax windfall worth tens of billions of dollars through a tax repatriation holiday.
And don't forget that the Obama administration has also proposed to lower corporate tax rates in exchange for ending "tax expenditures."

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Lowering corporate tax rates seems to be a given. The best we can hope for is that the two parties agree to close some loopholes and end some subsidies (at least until the lobbyists can get them re-instituted.)

If Bill Kristol is suddenly antagonistic to this perfect bipartisan agreement I have to wonder why.