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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Look who's talking

by digby

Oh my goodness, Rush was having so much fun making mock of Anthony Weiner that he forgot all about his own sexual peccadilloes. He didn't like being reminded about them one little bit:

Rush Limbaugh began his program with a series of juvenile insults, puns, and double-entendres regarding Anthony Weiner and the scandal he touched off when racy images and messages he exchanged with various women over social media were exposed by his political opponents.

Limbaugh was casting stones in his own glass house.

In 2006, Limbaugh was detained by United States Customs officers after returning from the Dominican Republic with Viagra in his possession. The prescription wasn't written in Limbaugh's name, so the authorities suspected unlawful possession of a controlled substance. Moreover, a simple google search of the terms "adult travel" (NSFW) reveals that the Dominican Republic has earned an outsized reputation as one of the world's hottest destinations for sex tourists.

It did not seem clear to the caller why Weiner's sexcapades were any more suitable for public consumption than Limbaugh's, or why Limbaugh felt he had license to criticize.

Click the link to listen to the exchange.
Rush: Starting in Arlington Virginia this is Seth. Welcome sir, nice to have you on the EIB network, hello.

"Seth": Thank you Rush. I'm lookin' at this and I'm seeing two adults exchanging ... well, actually seven if there were six women ... exchanging pictures in a consentual way. And i guess it's none of my business. It was none of the reporter's business. It's none of anybody else's business. How is this different ... I mean you're talking about how "smart" everybody is, you talk about how smart you are every day ... but, how is this different from you going to, you know the sexual tourist destination of Dominican Republic with a bottle of viagra and having that sprayed all over the headlines? How did you like that? Why is this different?

Rush: Well, but ... what you describe about me isn't true. And I guess what you're suggesting here is that getting caught having sex affairs is only stupid when Republicans do it.

"Seth": No, what I said ..

Rush (who by now has killed Seth's call): No, this ... you know you are, you're repeating internet rumors based in hatred and misinformation and typical brainlessness on the left. NONE of that took place. But it's people like you who present the rest of us with the greatest challenge we have in saving the country. Because general, glittering jewels of collosol ignorance like you, and your hate-filled partisanship are primarily responsible. People just like you are primarily responsible for the precarious poisition this great nation finds itself in. Because you can't be counted on for genuine, decent citizenship. You can't be counted on to protect this country when it's under assault internally. You seek your jollies in false victories over your political enemies while your country is in the process of going down in flames. Its people like you that try to make excuses for reprobates like Weiner, and Clinton and so forth while immersing yourself in lies to make yourself feel good that present a problem for the rest of us. Feel sorry for ya. You're probably capable of much more than you're immersing yourself in. I gotta take a brief time out, we'll come back, we'll continue ... right after this.

If you were unaware of this little kerfuffle, here's the story from Smoking Gun. It includes the documents which show that this did, in fact, take place. Rush's doctor eventually took responsibility for prescribing the Viagra in his name to protect Limbaugh's privacy. No explanation was ever given as to why Limbaugh took it with him on a vacation with six guys to a notorious sex tourism destination.