Making the past fit the future

Making the past fit the future

by digby

If you think Palin's bad, consider the "historian" who Mike Huckabee wants to force American's to listen to a gunpoint. Right Wing Watch has the latest:

Barton says that the Founding Fathers “already had the entire debate on creation and evolution,” and sided with Creationism. Of course, Charles Darwin wrote On The Origin of Species in 1859 andThe Descent of Man in 1871 – but apparently the Founding Fathers knew about evolution science.

Barton continues to lash out at “deconstructionism” in the education system for distorting the truth about the Founding Fathers, arguing that the Founding Fathers did not support slavery or engage in the practice themselves. While Founding Fathers like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Patrick Henry were all slaveholders, Barton has created his own theory of the cause of the American Revolution: the Founding Fathers’ desire to reject the British Empire’s endorsement of slavery. “That’s why we said we want to separate from Britain, so we can end slavery,” Barton said.

Well, and to keep the British from takin' away our arms.

This fellow would be just another crank except for the fact that presidential candidates and major media figures genuflect to him. He was, after all, named one of the 25 most influential evangelical leaders in the nation.

Sarah Palin's doing for right wing chauvinism what Barton has succesfully done for evangelical Christianity --- make the past fit their worldview. I think there's real money in it.

Here's Barton babbling:

He also said he wants Christians to take over the Democratic Party so "we can have a fight over who's the more Biblical party." I think he can check that one off his "to-do" list.